About us

jolanestate Corporation began its work as a limited liability company in 2016 AD, and the city of Jeddah was chosen as the company's headquarters, the company gained its experience in the Saudi real estate market through its credibility with its clients who supported it with their unlimited confidence, and through the qualified human resource to serve the company and its customers, as well as with the support of financing houses The real estate company who contributed to lending to some clients to own the house of life, the company specialized in marketing all types of real estate in the northern neighborhoods of Riyadh in addition to other neighborhoods by relying on its partners from the public and private sectors, and with the support of its permanent clients, the company intends to expand its services to include other areas as well as In creating modern means in marketing, real estate development and property management, the company is also proud of the broad base of its permanent customers, which gives them all the attention without looking at the financial return, in order to create bonds of interconnectedness between them, their customers and their partners in success.